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Hi Welcome to my site!  I'm Florian Stollmayer and I'm a Classical Guitarist and Operatic Tenor.  I hope that you'll enjoy the videos that are featured here and  please be sure to sign up to find out more information on my concert performances and tour schedules. 
I'm fluent in English, High German, Bavarian Slang, as well as the Bavarian/Austrian Culture. I'm available to do audio for any vocal translations or voice over work for movies, commercials, or internet mediums.  I can also teach music students or those who wish to learn more about German Culture for vacation or for a class, etc.
I'm available to play Classical Guitar and/or Sing at special events including: Weddings, Anniversary Celebrations, Birthday Celebrations/Parties , Theatrical Showcases, Reality Television, Youtube Celebrity Channels, Fashion Shows, Family Reunions, Cruises,  and Commercial Television.  If you would like to schedule me to perform please Click here or visit the Booking & Contact Information section
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